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"It’s a simple truth: No one controls the media and journalists don’t always write the story you want them to.

You might be at the helm of a multi-million pound organisation or a Nobel Peace Prize winner but when it comes to what the media writes about you, your product, your client or even your divorce – this is the one time you don’t have a say on how it is handled.

With effective media training, at least you are in with a “fighting chance”.

A national newspaper journalist of 20 years, I have joined forces with Primedia to use my experience in the cut and thrust world of newspapers to help you gain an invaluable insight into how the media operates. It takes cool nerves and bags of courage to face a room full of journalists when the chips are down. Even when life is going swimmingly and you have good news or a ground-breaking product to reveal this might be your one chance to deliver a key message and you don’t want to blow it.

Primedia’s ground-breaking approach to media training will equip you with all the tools you need to deliver a clear message that is understood by journalists and provides all the information they need to write a balanced piece.

Primedia will identify potentially awkward questions and help you to prepare a positive response and a strategy for dealing with hostile press. Our highly specialised team will give you the confidence to inspire the media to truly listen to your story, respect your integrity and vitally write the piece you want publishing.

As the recession bites and budgets are squeezed, businesses topple and financial scandals abound, the need for a clear press strategy covering all eventualities has never been so important."

Gaynor Pengelly

Gaynor Pengelly has worked as a national newspaper correspondent for almost two decades,
specialising in interviews, finance, business, health and celebrity. Previously, Gaynor helped set
up The Mail on Sunday’s Special Supplements section, producing award winning, quarterly
magazines that increased readership and advertising revenue. She also worked as interviewer
on the Rich Report, a glossy dossier on Britain's wealthy, for which she was nominated for a
British Press Award.

"This is as real as it gets. No other programme we have been associated with has got anywhere near Primedia in preparing our clients for challenging media interviews."

Managing Director, PR Sector

"What an experience, a real eye opener. Genuinely helpful guidance, with hints, tips and tools - tricks of the trade. Embarrassing during the practical sessions to fall into the elephant traps but hugely valuable learning and self awareness. I feel much better prepared now, and will react with something approaching calm assurance to the request 'can you speak to Sky News?'"

Managing Director, Top 5 UK Bank

“If you are involved in media engagement or are looking to promote your business, preserving or enhancing brand reputation, it is imperative that you invest in the best professional media training available. We were provided with a bullet proof set of media tools and training that has equipped me in representing and promoting my company with confidence - in any situation. No other media training tools have given me as much confidence to be able to address difficult questions and ensure that I maintain full control of media interviews whether live or down the line. Highly recommended.”

Director and Co-Founder, major charity

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