Areas of Expertise

We understand this is about you and no one else.

In addition to the mainstream media preparation work we do we have developed a specific focus on various areas.

Financial Services

An area where there has been a heavy and aggressive media approach recently. Where CEO jobs have been lost and brands damaged. Where shareholders have lost significant value and Parliamentary Select Committees, Law Suits and recriminations on which the Media have sought to feed have followed.

Product Recalls

Whether it is freezers bursting into flames, the brakes on the car not working, or the fruit juice cap not fitting tight enough the impact on a brand value through having to recall goods can be substantial. And the impact on recall insurance premiums from failure to mitigate any claims can also be material.

Make up and Beauty Products

Male or female, an adverse reaction to any products applied to the body, whether temporary or permanent, can have a devastating impact on any beauty brand. It is a given that brands do thorough testing prior to launch, but this is little or no comfort to anyone affected who will invariably seek recompense, emotionally if not financially.

Foods and Drinks

Similar to applying products to the body, anything consumed into the body is equally important, and successfully managing any immediate or future health impacts resulting from ingredient issues, or hygiene safety issues, irrespective whether even it is a competitor affected, can be hugely brand damaging. This is particularly the case if childrens’ products are involved.

Women in Business

As equality has got a grip and we are seeing the emergence of successful female entrepreneurs, interview robustness as the ‘male dominated barriers’ are dismantled, is critical. Often we find the softer issues of self esteem, perceived appearance and being seen to land empathetically, are priorities for the country’s female bosses.

In all these cases, as with the general mainstream business, having the right well drilled spokesperson ready calmly to manage the media when the crisis hits is a must.

Preseving your job, protecting your brand.

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