About Us and Our Partners

Our Scars

Peter Ibbetson has been facing the camera for nearly 20 years, but in particular has represented one of the most damaged financial services brands in the small business space for the past 5 years.

This has seen him a regular interviewee on Today, Sky News, BBC News, ITN, Panorama, Five Live and many more. He has developed a structured approach to ensure that even in the most challenging situations a difficult news story can be portrayed as being managed responsibly, with the reputation of the brand preserved.

Our Challengers

Our team of interviewers are not to be met on a dark night! They are current, hugely experienced mainstream interviewers with BBC, Sky, and other channel experience, working or having worked on mainstream News, Today, Panorama and other challenging interview based programmes.

Our Print journalists are equally experienced with both broadsheet and tabloid experience from the likes of The Sunday Times and The Mail on Sunday.

With this team we are able to align the best interview experience for the client, whether this be local Radio experience or national TV experience, consumerist Print experience, or hard hitting mainstream Print experience. But they are also nice people ready to help advise and steer in the right direction.

Our Airbrush Team

Our chosen production team is Mixfarm Productions. They are really good at getting the wires, microphones and cameras in the right place to capture the recordings. We have worked with them from the start. They understand what Primedia is all about and deliver the edits and soundbites as well as any mainstream TV or Radio channel. They are also there with a cup of tea when the interview pressure is on.

Our Engine

Gemma Guise makes sure it all happens smoothly. Not only plain efficient, she has broad experience in several of our key specialisms. Well linked into the main Womens’ networks, she is also highly experienced in the Beauty sector making her not only the mainstay of the business, but the one that makes us look good too.

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Peter Ibbetson, Director

Gemma Guise, Executive Assistant