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Managing a crisis situation is tough. We know...we've been there.

Primedia Solutions recognises that every client is different and has a unique set of requirements. The programmes we run are bespoke to these requirements, but generally fall into three categories.

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Control and Influence.

A programme aimed at senior executives, designed to prepare the client for aggressive
and potentially brand damaging media challenge in the event of a crisis situation arising.

This programme is run over an extensive period and involves full briefings and preparation assessments, a series of ‘real life’ interviews undertaken by professional broadcast and print interviewers across TV, Radio and Print, with full reviews and re-runs as necessary.

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Optimised value, concentrated input.

Designed for those with limited time availability and requiring concentrated preparation work, this programme aims at senior executives who are relatively confident at the prospect of media interviews, but recognise the need for additional preparation for crisis challenge.

This programme is generally run over a maximum of three hours and involves concentrated preparatory work, with ‘live challenge interviews’ as required.

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Remaining sharp for a crisis.

This programme is aimed at senior executives who have had previous media exposure, but require specific preparation for a current or impending crisis issue. It is equally appropriate for those who require a periodic refresher to keep them ‘sharp’.

This programme is flexible as to time, with the focus on message definition and challenging interview situations.

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Fully Prepared for Hearings.

The Select Committee Programme is designed for senior executives who are likely to be invited to present themselves as a witness at a forthcoming Select Committee Hearing. It will be anticipated that the Hearing will be challenging and the client will wish to prepare themselves fully to ensure that their presentation presents them and their brand in the best possible light.

The SCP combines review work into the membership of the appropriate committee, and the likely lines of questioning based on previous hearings, together with the development of the necessary skills for the management of the hearing interview.

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